RMP Compliance Program

What we do for you

We provide a reliable, cost-effective RMP compliance program backed by our Compliance Guarantee. The service is proven over 20 years by completing more RMP registrations and passing more inspections than any other consulting, engineering, or operating company in the country.

Our program focuses on first getting you into compliance, then continually maintaining compliance. Your designated Compliance Specialist is available year-round via phone and email. Plus, our clients enjoy the protection and peace of mind provided by our guarantee to pay any EPA fine resulting from an RMP compliance violation caused by an error or omission by MunicipalH2O during the term of our services, subject to the Compliance Guarantee Requirements.

You will enjoy compliance continuity without the worry about losing your knowledge and experience just because someone retires or changes jobs. All your RMP documentation and information is securely stored and accessible 24/7 in your customized MyMHC, which also includes training videos and quizzes.

Services included

Our unique RMP compliance program includes the below services and more.

Compliance Guarantee

Designated Compliance Specialist

Automatic compliance reminders

Inspection assistance

Training videos and quizzes

Annual compliance reviews

Monthly tips and guidance emails

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“On a recent RMP inspection, we received no fines and had a smooth, trouble-free inspection thanks to MunicipalH2O and their unique pre-inspection review process. We are very pleased with the compliance services they provide to our facility.”

Steve Shelnutt – City of Orlando

Risk Management Program Regulation Overview

Under the authority of section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act, the Chemical Accident Prevention provisions require facilities that handle, process, distribute, or store certain chemicals to develop a Risk Management Program, prepare a Risk Management Plan (RMP), and register the RMP with the EPA. In addition, these provisions require specific RMP compliance activities to occur on a regular basis to remain in compliance with RMP regulations such as:

Activity Update Required
Registration Update
Every 5 Years
Hazard Review/Process Hazard Analysis
Every 5 Years
Hazard Assessment
Every 5 Years
RMP Compliance Audit
Every 3 Years
Operating Procedures Training
Every 3 Years
Operating Procedures Certification (RMP Program Level 3 Only)
Every Year
Hoist Certification
Every Year
Emergency Response Coordination Activities
Every Year

Would you pass an inspection today without any fines? How does your existing RMP compare to the most current EPA regulations?

For various reasons, some individual states have implemented state specific RMP requirements in addition to the federal requirements for some key areas. To further complicate matters, some states are designated as OSHA-delegated states and others are designated as EPA-delegated states, each with their own unique thresholds and compliance requirements. Water and wastewater treatment operators must be knowledgeable about the specific compliance requirements applicable to their facility.

EPA and/or state authorities routinely conduct inspections of facilities that must comply with RMP regulations to ensure adherence to program requirements. If deficiencies in the implementation of the RMP program are observed, these inspections may result in a variety of enforcement actions and financial penalties, which can exceed $30,000 per day per violation.