Compliance Assessment Services

Would you pass an inspection today? Can your budget absorb fines that can exceed $30,000 per day per violation? There’s no need to guess.

Our compliance assessment service is designed to let you know exactly where you stand. We review your facility’s current RMP registration and compliance documentation to verify if it’s current, accurate and fully implemented in accordance with the mandatory RMP regulations, then provide you with a compliance summary.

We’ve completed more RMP registrations and passed more inspections than any other consulting or engineering company in the country. For over 20 years, our sole purpose has been helping water and wastewater professionals comply with RMP regulations. The compliance assessment service sums up all that experience so you can know whether your current RMP is in compliance before getting inspected and risking getting fined

Services included

Your compliance assessment includes activities such as:

Reviewing management systems and procedures, hazard assessment, off-site consequence analysis parameters, worst-case and alternative release scenario analysis, accident history, etc.

Conference calls with a designated compliance specialist and appropriate facility personnel.

An assessment summary report identifying deficiencies in documentation and activities.

“On a recent RMP inspection, we received no fines and had a smooth, trouble-free inspection thanks to MunicipalH2O and their unique pre-inspection review process. We are very pleased with the compliance services they provide to our facility.”

Steve Shelnutt – City of Orlando