RMP Hazard Assessments

What we do for you

Hazard assessments are automatically included in our RMP Compliance Program, which is the best way to get and keep your facility in full compliance with mandatory RMP regulations. However, if your facility needs only a hazard assessment update, then we can easily assist you with that.

Our Compliance Specialists evaluate your RMP covered process parameters utilizing government approved methodologies, then develop a customized, detailed, and compliant report including such features as:

Current population estimates based on the 2020 U.S. Census.

Accurate radii releases using carefully designed worst-case and alternative-case scenarios based on your specific equipment and containers.

Customized off-site receptor assessment.

Alternative-case scenario considerations coupled with Hazard Risk Index analysis.

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Tim Holder Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities, Athens, GA

What is an RMP Hazard Assessment?

Hazard Assessments are legally required determinations of the possible offsite consequences of your RMP chemical utilizing EPA-approved methodology. Hazard Assessments are required every 5 years. There are approximately 40 RMP rules for Hazard Assessments. They are an often misunderstood requirement of the RMP. MunicipalH2O clears up the regulatory “grey areas” with our clear and concise Hazard Assessment reports.