RMP Hazard Reviews/Analysis

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Hazard reviews/analyses are automatically included in our RMP Compliance Program, which is the best way to get and keep your facility in full compliance with mandatory RMP regulations. However, if your facility needs only a hazard review/analysis update, then we can easily assist you with that.

Utilizing government-approved checklist/what-if scenario methodologies and the RMP rules, our Compliance Specialists conduct a complete, detailed analysis of your covered process equipment and housing. We identify possible safety issues and non-compliance with applicable ANSI, ASME, AWWA, Chlorine Institute, CGA, and State Administrative codes. We then provide you a detailed report with “Action Items” identifying problems and providing reasonable solutions.

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What is an RMP Hazard Review/Analysis?

Hazard Reviews and Analyses are legally required analyses of your covered process equipment and housing for safety and engineering standards compliance. PHRs and PHAs are required every 5 years and in the event of a major process change.

The primary purpose of Hazard Analyses and Reviews is to identify problems that may cause, and/or hinder mitigation and response to a release a hazardous chemical release from a covered process. Reports which indicate deficiencies must thoroughly document the correction of those deficiencies.